First time CPO and AKU holds ceremony on memorandum of understanding

KARACHI: Central Police Office Karachi held a dignified ceremony on the memorandum of understanding between the Sindh Police and the Aga Khan Hospital and the Medical College Foundation was formally signed by IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon and the authorized Chief Executive Officer on Thursday. This was the first time. A formal written agreement had been arranged between the Aga Khan Hospital and the Sindh Police.

On this occasion, AIG Welfare Sindh Faisal Abdullah Chachadar and other police officers on behalf of the Sindh Police also signed a memorandum of understanding with three other representatives of the Aga Khan Hospital also signed the memorandum.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the Aga Khan Hospital administration will be obliged to provide all the necessary treatment facilities. In the supply, the patients of terrorism, injured in bomb blasts, diagnosis, treatment, medicine, surgery, etc. to all the employees of the Sindh Police after being referred by the competent authority.

In the memorandum, it was further agreed that the Hospital administration will make it a priority to provide emergency services as well as ensure admission and treatment to the Sindh police personnel, due to the serious initiatives and efforts of AIG Welfare Sindh.

The Aga Khan Hospital will also give a 20% discount to Sindh Police employees in terms of treatment fees. In addition, AIG Welfare Sindh would also be issuing necessary regular cover letters before admission for police officers and employees who deserve medical facilities.