Freezing cold aggravates miseries of people in Zhob

ZHOB: Like other parts of the province, Zhob city and adjoining areas are in grip of cold wave compelling the people to confine to their homes. The residents of Zhob experienced chilly weather as cold winds dropped the mercury to minus 9 Celsius on Saturday.

Already hit by 18-hour long power outages the freezing cold aggravated the miseries of the people manifold in the area. They are facing great deal of inconvenience owing to load-shedding that has created numerous problems and multiplied the miseries of people. Moreover, the extremely cold and dry weather also delaying the winter rains.

Price of firewood has also increased and the people belonging to middle and lower classes are facing difficulties to purchase firewood for warmth and cooking purposes, as the severity of weather the demand for locally made firewood stoves also increased. The price of the dry firewood has risen to Rs.700 per 40kg and the wet firewood is little cheaper. The wood sellers have started charging extra to worsen the situation. They are charging exorbitant rates as there is no mechanism to control prices of wood in the entire area.

“The wheat crop needs rain but the current cold wave is very harmful if the dry cold wave persists for long”, Hussain Alam, a resident of Killi Appozai said.

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