Health dept seeks data on communicable diseases

LARKANA: The Sindh Health Department has sought the data about communicable diseases from all districts of the province.

The health department in a letter to the Director General Health Services Sindh and all the District Health Officers and Medical Superintendents of government-run hospitals in the province has asked them to promptly share data of diseases along with their suggestions who to cope with them.

The health department has said that due to pneumonia and malnutrition in the wake of drought in Tharparkar, many deaths in children are reported, therefore, the Government of Sindh, Health Department has declared emergency in that district.

One of the prime factor, the letter added, in pilling up the issue and comprehending the problem was failure of the local authorities to identify the magnitude of issue, its remedial measures and foremost its timely information & proactive pursuance to the higher authorities.

The letter further says that in order to redress such adverse future events/diseases epidemic and to provide prompt & effective relief to the affected population, the health officers should to keep vigilant eye on cases of public health importance to tackle such situations and report, along with suggestions to this department.

It directed that henceforth all data regarding disease epidemics must be shared with senior officers on the same hour & day, failing which, the responsibility of the same shall be considered on the part of district health administration.

It may be noted here that a Disease Early Warning System (DEWS) already exists in all the DHO offices under which weekly data is collected from their RHCs, BHUs, THQs & District Hospitals and then its compiled and distributed for information of all concerned including Health Secretary and Director General Health Services Sindh in Karachi for taking proper preventive measures and treatment of such cases.

However, since long this system has been abandoned due to which sudden outburst of epidemic always occur which malign the image of the provincial government. This system should be reactivated and preventive side of seasonal diseases be enforced vigorously so that Tharparkar-like incidents may not occur in future.

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