Hepatitis C continues to rise in upper Sindh

LARKANA: Hepatitis C continued to rise in upper Sindh areas as out of 548 blood samples tested for PCR HCV (RNA) Qualitative, 229 turned out to be positive at the Molecular Laboratory of the Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, during the month of January 2014.

In this way, the affected ratio came to 41.78%. These cases pertain to Larkana district, Dadu, Jacobabad, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Kamber, Kandhkot and Mehar. Out of 260 samples tested for Hepatitis B, only 64 were detected positive (ratio 24.61%) and out of 60 cases tested for HDV (RNA) Quantitative, 35 were found positive (ratio 58.33%) and out of 8 cases 7 were declared positive (ratio 87.50%) which were tested for HCV (RNA) Genotyping.

In all, 876 blood samples were tested out of which 335 came out positive and total percentage/ratio of tested cases came to 38.24% who were found suffering from either Hepatitis B, C or D.

According to this data, Larkana district, Jacobabad and Kamber top the list as out of 103 Hepatitis C cases, 40 were detected in Larkana, out of 136 cases, 68 were detected in Jacobabad and out of 141 blood samples 55 were found from Kamber.

Molecular Laboratory established here has fixed days for various areas during which affected patients are asked to come for giving their blood samples for conducting PCR test due to which their testing and treatment period is prolonged for which they have urged the Government to establish such facilities in every district headquarter hospital so that poor ailing populace should not suffer the agony as they also bear extra cost on to & fro travelling along with their attendants.

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