Hindu Marriage Act enforced in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Hindu Marriage Act was enforced in Islamabad on Tuesday after the chief commissioner ordered the registration of marriages of people belonging to the community.

As per the development, registered pundits and maharajas will be appointed for the purpose. It will be mandatory for a person, who will be appointed as a pundit to have basic knowledge of Hinduism. And only when 10 persons belonging to the community will give a guarantee that a pundit will be appointed.

The pundit will also have with him complete record of marriages of members of the Hindu community. The pundit will also make sure that the girl’s age is what is allowed for marriage in Pakistan in the light of laws of the land. Similarly, record of marriage, divorce, or second marriage will have to be submitted to the union council within 15 days. The pundit will not charge anything from the bride’s parents except official fee.