Hoarded petrol worth Rs300 million seized in Sheikhupura

Lahore: Following directions by Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi to launch a crackdown against petrol hoarding mafia, police have seized hoarded oil worth Rs300 million from three different areas of Sheikhupura, according to a report on Thursday. A police team, led by District Police Officer Sheikhupura Zahid Nawaz Marwat, raided three places and seized dozens of oil tankers parked underground in different mansions (Havelis). The quantity of petrol seized by police is approximately 1.2 million liter.

A district police spokesman said cases were being registered against hoarders. The DPO said that stern action was being taken against hoarding mafia in the whole district. Meanwhile, in Narowal city, fuel stations have stopped sale of petrol and diesel to general public. The fuel shortage has also affected students’ attendance in schools. Several students could not reach academic institutions due to fuel shortage and the attendance remained thin. The petrol pump owners have stopped sale of fuel taking plea of low supplies being provided to them.

After OGRA action, the supply of petrol to fuel stations of Lahore was better, however, shortage still persisted in different areas. In Shadman area of the city, the Shell petrol pumps had no petrol supplies and motorists had to return with no fuel. In Gujranwala, the crisis worsened with majority of fuel stations were seen shut with no supplies on third straight day. Long queues were witnessed on fuel stations and citizens were suffering hard.

Likewise, in Samundri and its suburban areas, citizens were purchasing petrol on exorbitant rates. Fuel shortage still persisted and panicking the people. In Okara, complying with the directions of Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Deputy Commissioner Zeeshan Hanif has asked all price control magistrates to go in field, check stocks at petrol pumps and take stern action against those who were creating a crisis by hoarding petrol.

Price control magistrates during their visits of different fuel stations checked stocks and fuel meters. DC Zeeshan Hanif has announced implementing zero-tolerance policy against artificial shortage of petrol and its overcharging. He said people should inform the control room about shortage or unavailability of fuel at any petrol pump.