Indian deer taken into custody

SIALKOT: The Wildlife Department has taken an Indian rare deer in its custody: which reached Sialkot bordering villages while floating into the seasonal Naullah Aik from India to Pakistan here yesterday.

Reportedly: some local villagers including Muhammad Zulfiqar saved the Indian deer from the repeated attacks of the local stray dogs but the deer received some serious wounds. The villagers informed the Wildlife Department a team of which reached at the spot and took the Indian deer into custody after giving it the first aid medical treatment.

Meanwhile: District Officer Wildlife Department Zahid Khan told the newsmen that the said Indian deer was a rare Para kind and has been shifted to Lahore Zoo.

It is pointed out that about two weeks ago the Wildlife Department had also taken into custody an invading Indian leopard from Sialkot bordering villages. The Indian leopard had killed a dog: injured seriously two other dogs and three persons while attacking them near Pasrur-Sialkot bordering villages.

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