Indian leopard captured from Pasrur border

SIALKOT: The Wildlife Department’s officials from Lahore took an Indian leopard into custody after capturing him from the Pasrur bordering villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary here Thursday. The invading Indian leopard’s vandalism spread panic among the local people in Pasrur bordering villages.

Reportedly, an Indian leopard came into Pakistani bordering villages near Pasrur through crossing the Sialkot Working Boundary. The invading leopard injured seriously three Pakistani villagers Muhammad Iqbal, basher Ahmed and Ghulam Rasul by attacking on them, besides killing a dog and injuring seriously two other dogs there. The injured were admitted at Pasrur Civil Hospital, where the condition of two was stated to be critical.

Local administration called in the Wildlife Department team from Lahore, which first made the leopard unconscious by injecting the some medicine with gun. Wildlife Department took it into the custody and shifted to Lahore.

Earlier, an Indian deer had also come in Pakistani bordering villages near Sialkot after crossing the Sialkot Working Boundary a month ago. Wildlife Department had also taken this Indian deer into custody.

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