IWD: Moot demands solving problems of glass bangle workers

Hyderabad: A moot on the occasion of the 103rd international women’s day, here Saturday demanded solving problems of women workers of local glass bangle industry.

The divisional convention of the Bangle Workers Union affiliated with the Home based women workers federation (HBWWF) was held at the Hyderabad Press Club (HPC) presided over by general secretary HBWWF Zahra Khan.

The speakers said the women workers in Pakistan were facing immense problems, particularly the home based women workers who face huge exploitation. They do not get equal wages for equal work as the contractors pay them less wages as compared to male home based workers.

Zahra Khan said a draft of the provincial policy on home-based workers is pending with the Sindh cabinet for approval. She said in Sindh there are 4million home-based workers, 80percent of them women. She said in Hyderabad a large number of women work in their homes to make glass bangles but they get meager wages without any social security cover.

The moot demanded of the government to solve the problems of glass bangle workers and register all home based workers under the labor laws so that they could get social security cover and other legal benefits.

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