Man injured in firing on Levies post

PANJGUR: A man was injured in firing by unknown men at Goran Levies Post here Thursday. According to details reports pouring in from Goran Levies Post said that Levies force had recovered large quantity of drugs in the area few days ago. The said post setup for 50 years was then vacated. Miscreants torched this post.

Due to fault in wireless system of Goran Post nearly 150 Km area was disconnected with Levies force headquarters.

After end of Levies post several vehicles plying between Panjgur and Turbat were looted. One man was also reported to have injured. Passengers were deprived of their cash and mobile phones.

Transporters have demanded of provincial Minister Rehmat Ai Baloch and Commissioner Mekran of taking immediate notice of the situation.

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