Mumtaz asks rulers to stay in Thar

Larkana: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (N) leader Mumtaz Bhutto has said that the provincial government of Sindh has failed to deliver.

In a statement, here Tuesday, he said that the Sind government in last six years has failed to stop the bloodshed Karachi, which is a big question mark on performance. He said the rulers are living luxurious life in Karachi while the poor people of Mithi are surfing from hunger and starvation.

He added if the provincial government is really loyal to the people of Mithi then the ministers including chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah should station themselves in Thar and use every possible mean of transportations to deliver the food to hungry people.

He said in 1973 when Sindh suffered from floods and at that time he was the chief minister of Sindh, he singlehandedly managed the situation. He said he had personally supervised plugging of a canal breach in Bagirji area.

He added in 1973 his government had formed a committee for the development of Thar and approved development funds. We had decided to dig a new canal in Thar to permanently solve the water issue. However, when he was removed from the chief ministership this committee was also wound up. He said at that time Qaim Ali Shah was revenue minister in his cabinet. He charged that Qaim Ali Shah seemed not learnt any lesson from his long presence in cabinets.

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