Nationalist parties welcome Baloch missing persons long march

LARKANA: The Baloch missing persons long march taken out by foot arrived here on Wednesday after 55 days. It was being led by Mama Qadeer Baloch and Farzana Baloch.

The long march started from Quetta and is destined to Islamabad. The participants stayed for a night at Razidero in Khairpur district and reached here. Now, they will leave early Thursday morning for their destination. It took them 29 days to reach Larkana and they consist of ladies as well, whose loved ones are missing since long.

The participants were garlanded by all the villagers from Razidero to Larkana. They were presented Ajraks and Sindhi Caps by the villagers and locals on their arrival.

While talking to media, Mama Qadeer Baloch and Farzana Baloch said that 18,252 persons had been taken away till date and are still missing while about 1500 have been martyred so far. He said that their people were forcibly taken away during Musharraf era and their bodies started arriving during previous regime.

They further alleged that they were not provided security from Thatta to Larkana and everywhere Sindhi nationalist brothers were extending security to the participants of the long march for which they were thankful to them.

They further said that plain cloth men were continuously following them and issuing threats to life of them but they were sure that Sindhi nationalists would continue to provide them security till entry into Punjab and they were not afraid of them at all.

The leaders said that bullet riddled bodies have also been given to Sindhi people like those of Balochistan. They further said PPP MNA Ayaz Soomro came to receive them on the instructions of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and offered lunch at a hotel in Madd Fareedabad but they refused him and sent him back because they were also involved in torturing Balochs during their rule as well thus were killers. They further alleged that intelligence agencies personnel, PPP and PML-N were involved in committing highhandedness against Balochs so they didn’t have any expectations in all of them.. They further said that if government did not allow them entry into Punjab, then they would stage sit-in on Sindh-Punjab border. The activists of JSQM, JSMM, SNP, PPP-SB, JSQM-Arisar, Jamat Islami garlanded the participants and showered rose petals at Khairpur-Larkana bridge over Indus. A delegation of JSQM and JSMM accompanied them from Razidero and the participants were served tea at Otha roundabout in Larkana. Jamil Gad, D. Mumtaz Shaikh, Muhammad Ali, Sher Muhammad Soomro, Bashir Jatoi, Aslam Tunio, Zahid Mirani, Shafiq Areejo, Ali Deshi, Akash Sindhi, Nasarullah Abro and others welcomed the participants of the long march.

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