Pakistan’s youth should be empowered: Siddiqui

SHIKARPUR: Pakistan’s future is bright having its growing and dynamic population of young people and energetic workforce who should be educated and trained to serve country’s in various aspects from nation-building to socio-economic development.

This was stated by Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi, at the workshop on “Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building” held at Sheikh Zaid Islamic Centre recently organized by Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh.

He said Pakistan’s youth should be provided with quality education, emerging skills and professional training to contribute their precious role to the economy of the country but it could be possible if our educational institutions play their due role in disseminating knowledge to students and empower them to choose right career.

Pakistan’s youth participate in the progress and development of the country with a passion and mission under positive approach, he said.

Siddiqui said that universities provide education of different disciplines but these are not guiding them towards right career choice and their responsibilities over nation.

There should be gap bridged between industry and academia to provide required skilled workforce to multiple business of various sector for overcoming paucity of human resource and accommodating young workforce in the economic cycle of the country.

Ashraf Chaudhry, a renowned trainer of career development and motivational speaker, said every university student should know utterly the personal talent and interest before acquiring hiring and professional studies.

Studies in line with profession will inculcate interest and passion in individual who then can excel in his field and deliver extraordinary output through their skills and knowledge, he said.

The university students should be capable of taking their own decision related to career choice and embark on their studies and skilled training courses accordingly without any pressure of society and parents.

There must be various good and highly paid jobs in the market but youngsters should opt those professions in which they could make the difference with their utmost efforts and talent, trainer said.

Students of various departments and teachers attend the seminar and participated actively in the discussion. Mir Adnan and Zainab Jawad won free training sessions through balloting.

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