Police arrests hired killer

SIALKOT: The local police has arrested a hired killer Fahad Ahmed Ghuman, bearing head money of Rs. 0.2 million announced by the Punjab government.

District Police Officer (DPO) Muhammad Gohar Nafees told the newsmen that the accused hired killer Fahad had killed as many as 11 different people and injured three other persons in separate incidents during the last few years in Sialkot district.

He said that the accused had been running an international network of the gangsters even in Dubai, England and Ireland as well. He used to control his network while staying in Sialkot. DPO added that the accused used to escape to abroad after killing the people here.

The special police teams led by the senior police officials, raided at a den in outskirts of Sialkot and arrested the accused after resistance there. DPO has announced the cash prizes and appreciation certificates for the raiding police parties, in this regard.

DPO Muhammad Gohar Nafees added that the police have smashed 99 inter district gangs of dacoits and arrested as many as 315 dangerous accused members of these busted gangs, besides, tracing out 322 old cases during the last few months. Police also recovered the stolen and snatched valuables worth of Rs. 36 million from them.

Police also seized 24 illicit Kalashnikovs, 41 guns, 86 rifles, 12 revolvers, 886 pistols, 2 hand grenades, 21 draggers, 4562 bullets, 3 carbines, one stain gun, 209 KGs of fine quality Charas, 3.8 KGs of fine quality heroin worth millions of rupees, 4876 litres wine, unearthed 37 working distilleries and arrested 75 accused drunkards during the last few months, he added.

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