Record decline in Karo Kari incidents

DERA MURAD JAMALI:,,, A record decline in incidents of Karo Kari (illicit relations) has been recorded during past one year where nine women were killed. As against this there has been much increase in incidents of women’s suicide. Four of twelve women were killed in suicide incidents.

This was stated in a survey report prepared by NGO Balochistan Social Academy. Report was released on occasion of Women Day by Agha Niaz Magsi President Balochistan Social Academy.

Report said that last year 9 women were killed on charges of Karo Kari while previously a minimum of 15 to 20 women were killed every year. As against this report added trend of suicide among women has alarmingly increased. Eleven women took poison last year due to excesses of their husbands, brothers or fathers. Of these three died while 8 were saved due to medical aid. One woman ended her life by firing form pistol.

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