Relative on land dispute throws minor son of opponent in canal

SIALKOT: An accused Azam threw his relatives’ minor son Ubaid Raza (8 years old) into Lower Chenab Canal near Head Marala after kidnapping him near his house in village Pindi Panjoraan-Sialkot here Thursday. The child downed in the canal. Some local people saw the accused while throwing the child into canal.

Police have arrested the accused Azam, who told the police that he killed the child by throwing him into the canal after kidnapping him and the reason behind this nasty incident was an old land dispute. The dead body of the “ill-fated child” has not yet been recovered.

In village Nazirpura-Head Marala, a local vagabond accused Ameer Hamza forcibly raped a minor girl Ansa Shaukat, nine years old, after kidnapping near her house while playing there. The accused took the minor girl to a nearby house, where he forcibly raped her. Some local people gathered there after listening of her hue and cry. On this the accused fled away by threatening the people with dire consequences. The victim was admitted at Sialkot hospital in critical condition. Head Marala police have registered a case with no arrest, in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Shah Gharib police have arrested an accused Irfan out of the two accused rapists, who had forcibly raped a young girl “K”, in local fields at village Fazil Pur-Shakargarh after abducting her when she was on way to her school. The police said that the accused had also made a movie of her rape to blackmail in future.

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