Situation becoming dangerous in Khuzdar

KHUZDAR: Situation becoming dangerous in Khuzdar as medical stores, x-ray and laboratories have also been closed for indefinite period following closure of business by Hindu community. There is every apprehension of acute shortage of medicines along with food stuff in the city. Owing to worsened law and order situation and sense of insecurity has made lives of people miserable.

According to details, in view of continuous deteriorating law and order situation and sense of insecurity Hindu businessmen had closed their business and their shops remained close on 7 th day. On the other hand all medical stores, x-ray laboratories and blood urine testing labs have also been closed by the owners owing to insecurity. This is also expression of solidarity with Hindu businessmen. With this 60 to 80 percent business in the city has shot down. If closure of medical stores prolongs what would people suffering from various diseases do if they did not get medicines.

At the same time para medical staff at the civil and other government hospitals has also started three hours token strike owing to insecurity. It has added to the miseries of people.

Moreover more than three dozen private schools owners had issues statements that they were receiving threats of various nature. If they did not get security they would be forced to close their schools.

Despite all this situation there is none to come forward to the rescue of people. Administration is silent over the situation and they were playing role of silent spectator.

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