SNGPL suffers great financial loss of Rs. 65mn every month: Qaisar Masood

Sialkot: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has been suffering from a great financial loss of Rs. 65 million every month in Sialkot region and out of which the gas worth of Rs. 33 million was being wasted every month owing to leakages in Sialkot Region.

General Manager SNGPL Gujranwala Region Qaisar Masood has disclosed this while addressing an important meeting of Sialkot business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

Group Leader Sheikh Riaz Ud Din, SCCI President Dr. Sarfraz Bashir, SVP Mian Muhammad Anwar, Vice President Khawar Sapal, senior journalists and local SNGPL officials were also present on this occasion.

GM SNGPL admitted that there were several flaws in the gas distribution and supplying mechanism of SNGPL, saying that these flaws could be removed besides bringing betterment in this system with the mutual discussion and cooperation by the consumers as well.

He added that an end to the gas pilferage in the Sialkot region was still a great challenge for the SNGPL, as the SNGPL’s internal Accountability System was also being upgraded and transparent to nab the black sheep in this company.

GM added to make all out sincere efforts to bring betterment in the infrastructure and services of the SNGPL to facilitate the consumers especially the Sialkot business community, in this regard. He also pledged to ensure the early establishment of SNGPL Regional Office at Sialkot for catering the needs of the consumers of both Sialkot and Narowal districts.

During the meeting the perturbed Sialkot industrialists and exporters burst against the SNGPL, alleging that the SNGPL has miserably failed to facilitate the Sialkot business community.

SCCI’s Group Leader Riazud Din Sheikh added that the SNGPL officials in Sialkot were harassing and terrifying the Sialkot industrialists and exporters during the inspections of their gas meters.

He alleged that the Sialkot exporters were much terrified and harassed due to this mounted highhandedness of the SNGPL Sialkot officials.

He said that this nasty situation has forced the Sialkot exporters to come on the roads to lodge a strong protest against the SNGPL, but the exporters were still showing their patience, in this regard.

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