Three young girls abducted from their houses

SIALKOTI: The Motra police have registered abduction case after about two months of the incidents. According to the FIR, some unknown armed accused including Thatha-Sindh based accused Anwar Memon forcibly kidnapped local teacher Aurangzeb Khalid’s young daughter Shaista Khalid at gun point from her home in village Bogarey, Daska tehsil on December 14, 2013, after about two months.

According to the FIR (No.43/2014), the abducted girl Shahista’s father Aurangzeb Khalid told the police that he has got traced out his mobile phone, as its signals showed that the phone was roaming around the Sajawal Road locality Thatha (Sindh). He said that the accused has taken his young daughter to Thatha Sindh after kidnapping her from here. Police have started investigation with no arrest, in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Daska Saddar police have also registered an abduction case after the twelve days of the incident. According to the FIR (No. 28/2014) lodged by Muhammad Iqbal Gujjar, some unknown accused forcibly kidnapped his young daughter Rubina (15 years old) at gunpoint from outside of her house in village Wataaliyaan-Daska here on January 22,2014. Police have started investigation with no arrest or recovery.

In Mew Mianapura locality of Sialkot city, some unknown armed accused forcibly abducted a young girl Amina Bibi (19 years old) from in front of her house. Police have started investigation after registering a case with no clue in this regard.

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