Villagers complaint against poor canal repair work

Naudero: The ongoing stone pitching work of both sides of Dadu Canal in Deh Tajudero is substandard due to corruption of bureaucracy, local villagers complained. A media team visited the site on the complaints of villagers and witnessed poor quality of work. The villagers fear that substandard work would be washed away in the coming flood season.

The government has started stone pitching work from village Phulpota to Pir Jan Muhammad to save the canal from breach in the future, but the contractor is using substandard material in the projects, charge villagers including Imtiaz Narejo, Hameed Supro, Waryam Channo and others. They said the labours carrying out stone pitching work are not skilled and experienced.

However, Irrigation Engineer Imtiaz Memon refuted the allegations f using low quality stones in the pitch work of Dadu Canal and said that the work in progress is proper and no substandard stone is being used in the project. He welcomed any investigation in this regard if carried out by the Sindh Government.

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