Draft UN Security Council resolution seeks aid workers’ security in Yemen

New York The United Nations Security Council is expected to release a draft resolution which stresses the need to ensure humanitarian aid workers' security in Yemen.

It also condemned Houthi militia ballistic missiles. According to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, diplomatic sources said that UN Security Council members are negotiating a resolution which welcomes humanitarian aid efforts in Yemen established by the Arab-led coalition. The draft resolution urges ending child-soldiers' recruitment. It also calls on all member states to fully implement the international arms embargo.

In addition, the resolution emphasized that nearly 22 million individuals are in desperate need of help. This call comes amidst rising cases of cholera, diphtheria, critical malnutrition and risks of famine. Meanwhile, UN workers have asked for protection from the Houthi militias' activities in Yemen. They also complained about abuse encountered whilst continuing their humanitarian relief mission. UN workers in Yemen have accused the militias of blackmailing them in return for continuing their duties.

Source: International Islamic News Agency