Eight political parties form an alliance to press govt for release of Rs 200 billion Packages for Fata

Peshawar: Eight political parties on Tuesday formed an alliance to press the government for release of Rs 200 billion Packages for Fata and hold Local Bodies Election without in Fata
without any delay.

The political parties including Pakistan Tehreek—e-Insaf, Jamaate Islami, ANP, JUI, QWP, PPP, National Party and Pakistan Muslim League (N) decided to hold a grand tribal Jirga for the achievement of tribal rights. The Jirga will consist of people from different walks of life to finalize recommendations for the rights of the tribal people.

In its first meeting the alliance demanded release of Rs 200 billion for the affectees of Fata holding of Local Bodies Election and stoppage of drone attacks. The meeting decided that these demands will be put forwarded to the Grand Tribal Jirga and after approval from the Jirga the alliance will adopt a line of action for achievement of the rights of the people.

The alliance decided that the Grand Tribal Jirga will be held on December 21st at Nishtar Hall after which all the political parties will jointly struggle for the rights of the tribal people. Iqbal Afridi from PTI, Munsif Khan of JI, Abdul Latif Afridi of ANP, Zahif Shah Advocate of QWP, Ex-Senator Rashid Ahmad of JUI, Nisar of National Party, Akhunzada Chattan of PPP, Haji Basha of PML (N) participated in the meeting.

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