Elections under present setup will be spurious: Shahnaz Sheikh

Karachi: Former hockey Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh on Monday said that the elections, which Pakistan Hockey Federation PHF would conduct, would not be considered genuine as the same faces would have themselves elected for the key posts.

“The federation has once more coined a spurious idea to deceive people even after failing the national sport badly. This time the federation has announced that it would conduct elections. If these people, who have brought the national sport at its lowest level in the national history, conduct elections then surely biasness would be observed and we would see the faces taking key posts again,” Shahnaz told PPI.

PHF has recently announced that its Executive Board will discuss the feasibility of conducting elections of the federation in its 25th meeting on September 11.

The federation has come under immense pressure after the greenshirts failed to qualify for the World Cup 2014 – for the first time in the history of the event, after the team was beaten by South Korea in the semifinals of Asia Cup. Asia Cup offered a single berth for the titlist for the World Cup. However, three teams from Asia – Korea, India and Malaysia have qualified for the World Cup 2014.

Following Hockey World League and Asia Cup debacle, calls for resignation from the PHF top brass and team management has been gaining momentum from many quarters, especially from former Olympians, who has dubbed the non-qualification from the World Cup as the darkest era in Pakistan’s hockey history.

The greenshirts are the most successful team in the history of World Cup events with four titles attached to its belt.

Shahnaz said that PHF’s top officials were responsible for bringing hockey in the country to its lowest ebb.

“These people cannot be given an important task of conducting elections. Nothing could be expected from these people,” Shahnaz said.

The former Olympian, who had also been manager of the greenshirts in the past, said that Interprovincial Coordination Minister should impose an adhoc committee on the federation and assign them to conduct scrutiny of the clubs and conduct elections within three months.

“Only this practice could ensure free and fair elections,” Shahnaz said.

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