Faryal seeks recovery of valuables looted from Hindu family

NAUNDERO: MNA Faryal Talpur has taken a notice of increasing incidents of lawlessness and crimees, including burglaries and kidnapping in Naundero. She directed DIGP and SSP Larkana Syed Pir Muhammad Shah to recover the looted material of teacher Basant Lal and his businessman brother Dayal Das. Mukhi Lok Chand, Basant Lal, Ramesh Lal and MNA Ramesh were present on the occasion when she directed the police officiers to immediately recover the goods amounting to over Rs4 million.

Four days ago, a gang of four armed men entered the house of the Hindu teacher at dawn and deprived the inmates of the valuables available in their home, including golden ornaments and prize bonds worth over Rs3.5 million. The criminals stayed in the house for one hour and fled with the booty at their will but there was no police visible though the house is located in the mid of a bazaar.

Naundero police did not lodge an FIR against the criminals as they were keeping the Hindu teacher and trader on empty promises that they will soon recover the looted material but they have so far failed.

Faryal also directed MPA Muhammad Ali Bhutto to report her on daily basis about the development made in this particular incident by the Larkana police and remarked that when a home of a teacher is not safe then what is the use of police force.

SSP Larkana Pir Muhammad Shah told her that police was searching for criminals.

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