Future artists display annual thesis at KU

Karachi: The Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, has concluded its five-day display of the Annual Thesis of its final year students. The display was a portrayal of students’ talent and dedication towards creativity. The display showcased the final products of the BS Final Year students studying Graphic Design, Media Arts, Industrial Design, Textile Design and Islamic Arts.

“According to the Jury, this year’s performance is even better than that of the last few years. Students have opted for complex themes but have presented them comprehensively. Their work shows deeper understanding of their surroundings be it social, economic or individual in nature”, said the Departmental head –Ms. Durriya Kazi on the last day of display.

The Jury comprised of film makers, representatives of media and advertising agencies, well-known designers and faculty of reputable design schools include Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Faheem Zaman Khan, Taimoor Suri, Cyrus Viccaji and Yaminay Chaudhry.

A student of Islamic Arts innovatively created jewellery that was inspired by the Islamic calligraphic art. A Graphic Design student sampled a recipe book, another student created a smartphone application for kids titled kids own.

Students of Industrial Design, Asma Ahmed and Zainab Tahir designed kitchenette adjusting stove, fridge and necessary utensils in a compact space.

Zoha Nasir, a textile design student, used nuts and bolts to create interesting designs on fabric; she turned up with nuts and bolts’ inspired window blinds and cushions.

It was interesting to note that addressing social issues was a priority for the students.

Isra Fatima used nature as her theme for adding a tint of happiness in her creatively designed cushions and colourful seat.

Film students of media arts received the most positive response, the experts from the field suggested that a couple of films were so well-created that they can directly be transmitted through the screens.

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