1.6m people suffering from epilepsy in Pakistan

KARACHI: About 1.6 million people from all age groups are suffering from epilepsy in Pakistan, which is described as a common neurological disorder.

The use of proper medicines has proven effective to control such disorders in a large number of cases.

This was informed by psychiatrist Dr Syed Mubin Akhtar, Managing Director, Karachi Psychology Hospital, while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club in connection with the World Epilepsy Day to be observed on Wednesday, 28th February.

Renowned senior psychiatrist Salahuddin Siddiqui and Syed Salahuddin were also present on the occasion.

Dr Mubin said epilepsy is curable like other diseases and its common impression developed among the people that it is Hysteria or affects of ghosts on people which is wrong.

He said most of epilepsy patients visit fake faith healers rather than meeting specialists, which has further increased the intensity of this disease.

Dr Mubin said head injury, pregnancy and children born with a defect in the structure of their brain are the main cause of epilepsy.

Severe head injury is the most common known cause in young adults and 60 to 70 percent epilepsy seizures occur without any reasons, he added.

He asserted that 60 to 70 percent people of the country never consult with specialists during the earlier stage of this disease due wrong impression and ignorance about the disease. He said abdominal pain, vomiting and fear are the main symptoms of the epilepsy.

He asked media to create awareness among people about the epilepsy and its causes as we can be able to save precious lives from this dangerous disease.

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