1000 Hazaras killed in terrorism, target killing

QUETTA: More than one thousand Hazara community men have been killed during incidents of target killing and terrorism while more than two hundred thousand have shifted from Quetta to other cities or migrated to foreign countries.

According to a report of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan from 1999 to 2012 800 Shias were killed while during few week of the current year more than 200 persons were killed during eight incidents of target killings and bomb explosions.

A Hazara leader Abdul Qayyum Changezi said that of those killed included 80 percent Hazara community men on basis of their faith while 20 percent are killed on ethnic basis.

According to Hazara Qaumi Jirga and Qaumi Yakjehti Council statistics during the above period nearly two hundred thousand Hazaras have shifted to other cities in Pakistan or migrated to foreign countries. Tough they have left Quetta still they are afraid if those left behind were killed.

Provincial Secretary Home Akbar Hussain Durrani told a foreign news agency that there was some weakness of secret agencies in stopping these incidents but during days of alert there was no problem. Terrorists this time adopted a new method for explosive material to blow up and we had not information about it.

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