1109 guiltless women killed in 2011: LHRLA

KARACHI: President of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid LHRLA Zia Awan said on Thursday that 1109 guiltless women could not safeguard their lives and became murder victims during 2012 in Pakistan.

“The core reasons for women being at the disadvantage of getting abused and cursed include the feudal and patriarchal mindset of society, increasing inflation and lack of education,” Awan said in a statement issued on the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice.

He said gender inequalities are founded everywhere from home setup, work environment, education system, law and policies.
Referring to Madadgaar National’s Database, he said it was reported that in 2012, the cases of women murders had the highest rate among all kinds of women violence. He said that as many as 1109 guiltless women were killed in the country the breakup of which is as in January the number of murdered women remained 76, February 63 , March 59, April 70, May 66, June 98, July 107, August 113, September 109, October 112, November 117 and December 119.

Awan showed great concern over the increasing cases of women murders through the year 2012 and said that 736 women were murdered in 2011.

“The growing number of women murders showed the failure of law enforcement system to preserve women rights. There are limited protection services available in our country and those providing this minimal protection are not sensitive to the issues of women violence,” Awan observed.

He said that increasing efforts from civil society organisations and law enforcing bodies are required in order to control this frightening figure of women murders.

The social justice system of our country needs to be regulated and serious focus should be made on creating awareness about genderbased violence and vulnerability of women, he said.

He said that Madadgaar helpline is taking vigorous actions to control violence against women.

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