A Chirpy Theme Song of Guangzhou City Extends the Desire of the Common Prosperity to the World

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 29, 2016 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ — Guangzhou, known as a millennial commercial city and an important departure port of “maritime silk road”, has recently unveiled a brand new city theme song, called “Our Song” (Chinese version called “Fa Ge” with “fa” means rich in Chinese), which brings out its hope of future prosperity for all the people, citizens and those all over the world.

“Our song” is a new try of Guangzhou’s city image promotion as “Flower city”. The music video combines repeated lyrics and vivid animation, playing an uncharacteristically tongue-in-cheek humour around with various different homophonic and rhyming language such as “Fa”, “Fun”, “8”, “Hua (means flower)”. Mostly, the song expresses a desire of “luck and prospererity for all”, describing an internationalized and modern commercialized Guangzhou in a chirpy way.

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Guangzhou has always been developing into an “innovativeCinclusive, open and sharing” modernized metropolis. According to Guangzhou Municipal Publicity Department, the birth of this song aims to express wishes towards the people in Guangzhou and foreign audiences. With elements representing luck and fortune in the song, it is expected that people can feel the openness, enthusiasm and passion of the city. Guangzhou welcomes everyone to realize their dreams and fulfill their hopes here.

Aisen Chen, the fresh olympic champion in Rio 2016, as one of the singers and a main cartoon character in this song, arouses heated public attention. “I like this catchy song with a profound meaning. Hopefully Guangzhou, my home town, becomes a dream-come-true paradise for all the people”, said Chen.

In this psychedelic music video, cityscapes as well as city flowers, Canton food, folkie, folk-customs are presented. “Gong xi fa cai”, the Chinese luck talk, spreads the theme of prosperity. One will easily get the catchy chorus line stuck in your head.

The video aims at overseas youngsters, outlining the development of Guangzhou and to welcome the coming year of 2017.

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Publicity Department