Altaf concerned over Karachi situation

KARACHI: The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement MQM Altaf Hussain has expressed his concerns on the Karachi situation while talking to the Coordination Committee.

He said that he had been struggling relentlessly for the past 35 years, and he would never give up his struggle.

He said, “I have always preached peace and love and desired a life of dignity for the oppressed and poor people of Pakistan. I have never hesitated from offering any sacrifice for my mission, and this is borne out by my entire life.”

“I appeal to the younger generation to come in the practical field and carry this struggle forward. I want to make it clear that the people of Karachi can be forced to take extreme steps for protecting themselves against conspiracies, bloodshed, and genocide. My appeals for peace and my message of love should not be misinterpreted as our weakness.”

Talking to the Coordination Committee Mr Hussain said, “The forces and groups that are killing the people of Karachi should know that the people would be forced to adopt a line of action themselves in order to safeguard against these injustices.”

“The Haq Parast people should sit and think about their coming generations. History is witness to the fact that we did not bow down our heads against oppression in the past, and we will never do it in the future as well.”

“I support democracy and I have spread my movement across the length and breadth of the country through democratic means. But today tyranny is being given the name of democracy and question marks are being placed on the future of democracy by employing undemocratic tactics.”

Hussain said that hardened criminals belonging to land and drug mafia and involved in kidnappings for ransom were being projected as political leaders by holding meetings with them.

He said, “I am preaching peace even today, but it is my duty to give the people the courage to face oppression and tyranny. When forces responsible for protecting the people begin to harbour criminals and terrorists, the oppressed people will have to rise for selfprotection and survival.”

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