Altaf, Qadri urge masses to strive for ‘revolution’

Karachi: Pakistan is on the brink of a revolutionary change and the masses should support this revolution to get rid of the corrupt elements and exploiters, said Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM chief Altaf Hussain and head of Tehreek Minhajul Quran Maulana Tahir ul Qadri, addressing a big rally organized by MQM at Jinnah Ground here on Tuesday.

Altaf Hussain said it is high time for a revolution to get people rid of injustice and exploitation. He said all the national institutions including army should support this revolution instead of creating hindrances in its path. He said Maulana Qadri extended the hand of friendship and MQM warmly hugged him. He said in Qadri he has gotten ‘big brother’. He congratulated the nation for new year and beginning of what he called a caravan of revolution. He also greeted Qadri on his visit to the MQM headquarters, Nine Zero.

He said he has been struggling to end the prevailing rotten system and vested interests are against him and they had blamed him for working for making a Jinnahpur. He said a lot of workers and sympathizers of his party have been killed in extrajudicial manner. He said now the fate of this country would be decided in a ‘peoples’ parliament’ in Islamabad on January 14, 2013. He said the revolution is coming from the cities of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. No force in the world could deter this revolution, he vowed.

Hussain said for the first time in history of Pakistan his party sent true representatives in assemblies. He said poor masses of this country have given a lot of blood and now it the turn of looters to give ‘sacrifice’. He said their caravan of revolution would end at its logical end. He said the assemblies would be purged of corrupt people. He invited all political parties to join their caravan of revolution. He demanded of the Punjab government to provide security to Maulana Qadri. He said all the decisions of the ‘peoples’ march’ would be taken by Qadri.

Earlier, Tahir ul Qadri in his speech said they want to overthrow the prevailing system based on injustice. He demanded in unbiased interim government acceptable to all stakeholders. He said only those candidates should be allowed to contest polls that are eligible under the articles 62 and 63 of the constitution. He said the biggest Tahrir Square would be held in Islamabad that would decide about the interim government. He said this Tahrir Square would be fully peaceful.

He said he had never met Altaf Hussain and for the first time he have visited the Nine Zero. He said his agenda is not hidden and he does not believe in hidden agendas. He said his agenda is to give Pakistan a real democracy and end the feudal system. He said he wants to get the constitution of Pakistan fully implemented. He said they would not beg for the rights of people from the corridors of power in Islamabad but the instead snatch their rights with the force of the constitution and democracy. He said today this mammoth gathering of people is the referendum that the nation has rejected the prevailing system of injustice.

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