APC stresses for restoration of peace in the Country

Islamabad: The participants of the All Parties Conference APC emphasized on Thursday the need to give priority to negotiations for restoration of peace and agreed that attaining peace through dialogue should be the first priority.

The Conference‚ organized by Awami National Party ANP and representatives of political parties attending the conference were also unanimous in stating that the issue of terrorism should be resolved according to the requirements of national sovereignty.

APC also agreed to negotiate with those Taliban militants who were ready to accept the law and Constitution of Pakistan.
On the occasion a declaration read out by ANP Chief Asfandyar Khan Wali at the conclusion of the moot‚ the participants called for resolution of the issue of terrorism in the ambit of Constitution‚ law‚ security and sovereignty of the country.

It emphasized that peace needs to be restored in the country so that the loss of valuable lives can be stopped and the country could be put on the right track for economic and social development.

It called for steps to improve law and order situation and safeguard precious lives. The APC extended its support to the efforts of the Grand Qabaili Jirga for restoration of peace in FATA.

The participants appreciated and acknowledged the sacrifices given by the leaders and members of political parties. It demanded of the Federal and Provincial Governments to development compensation packages for heirs of martyrs and those injured during war on terror.

It also called for concrete steps for restoration of peace in troubled areas so that internally displaced persons could go to their homes with honour and dignity.

In his remarks on the occasion‚ Asfandyar Wali said the issue of terrorism is not of one party or province as it concerns the entire country.

Earlier‚ opening the conference‚ ANP Chief Asfand Yar Wali Khan said we have to adopt a collective strategy to overcome the problem of terrorism. He said terrorism is not the problem of present government only‚ rather it will also be problem for the coming governments.

He said the purpose of this conference is to learn from the collective wisdom of political leaders.
Asfand Yar Wali said no formal agenda has been set for the conference and it would take into consideration the proposals and suggestions‚ on the basis of which a final declaration will be issued.

Delegations from the PMLN, JUIF, JUP, Pakhtunkhwa MAP, BNPA, ST, PMLF, Hazara Democratic Party, lawyers’ bodies and parliamentarians from FATA attended the APC. The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf PTI and Jamaat-i-Islami JI were not represented at the conference underway in Islamabad.

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