APCNGA condemns prejudicial treatment to Punjab

Islamabad: The All Pakistan CNG Association APCNGA on Wednesday said that Punjab is also part of Pakistan which doesn’t deserve targeted exploitation in resource distribution by the centre.

Government is not rationalising distribution of gas while it continues to exploit province of Punjab for the reason best known to the PPPled coalition, it said. Speaking at a hurriedly called meeting of CNG operations, Captain Raja Shuja Anwar Retd said that we condemn in strongest possible words the legal notice issued to Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha for speaking truth.

Masses cannot be asked to remain silent on wrongdoings and approve whatever deemed proper by the incumbent corrupt cabal; he said adding that hollow statements of Dr. Asim aren’t enough to justify unlawful activities and discourage APCNGA.

Captain Raja Shuja Anwar said that government is lavishly spending taxpayer’s money to run its populist schemes to gain sympathy while depriving Punjab of economical fuel which is its right. Selfpraise by Asim including terming himself servant of masses was an uncouth joke which he also knows nobody will accept.

Shuja said that policy of punishing Punjab has put pressure on forex reserves, forced around two million CNG consumers to spend some 36.26 crores extra on costly fuel and stoked inflation.He added that policy of introducing expensive imported fuel and preparing ground for it has increased burden of around Rs ten thousand on average household in Punjab.

Shuja appealed the Chief Justice of Punjab High Court to take note of the disadvantageous treatment to Punjab which is part of Pakistan but being dealt like an enemy.

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