Book launching ceremony of Rehman Nishat’s forth novel addition “Paniyon Main Ghulti Zameen” held

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Book launching ceremony of Rehman Nishat’s forth novel addition “Paniyon Main Ghulti Zameen” held

July 20, 2018

Karachi, July 20, 2018 (PPI-OT): Professor Shamshad Ahmed, a legendary novelist, said that today’s chaotic era has brought many political, social and educational crises. “There is a great deal of agony and hatred present everywhere around and many mischiefs are being pull out in the society” said Prof Shamshad Ahmed. “In such worst circumstances, a good novelist will be the same person to be called, who will reflect the deprived situations and disadvantages being observed in the society” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Shamshad Ahmed shared his considerate rendition on the book launching ceremony of Rehman Nishat’s forth novel addition “Paniyon Main Ghulti Zameen”, organized under the Library Committee at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, presiding the occasion.

Professor Shamshad Ahmed said that Rehman Nishat has reflected the societal negligence by giving fictional colours to political and social disadvantages, and his latest addition to his novel collection is impressive. He praised Rehman Nishat saying, “Rehman Nishat has made his subject a very interesting theme with great way of deliverance”.

Professor Shamshad Ahmed said “as a novelist, I believe that if a person wants to write, then he should read thousands of novels then absorbing them all to write a productive novel using all traditions by fiction later”. He later congratulated Rehman Nishat on his fourth legendary post.

Saba Ikram, one of the chief guests of the event, said that Rehman interprets the problems faced by underprivileged segment of our society. He said that while addressing the examples of external reality facts, Rahman has narrated complicated problems of the society, as well as smattering relationships and office politics, have also been made his subjects. There are many things in their fictions to think about.

Dr. Shadab Ahsani, the other special guest of the event, said that Urdu is a national language and it has developed with the nationalist approach on its back but today it is going through the era of great resistance. We must work for its development and preservation. He spoke on Rehman Nishat’s fictions saying that his novels spread the fragrance of “Pakistanism” and it is worth mentioning that he is giving voice to the social problems of Pakistan today. Zaib Azkar said that Rehman Nishat’s novels narrate his experiences and observations and it includes today’s deprived struggles against the class-system.

During the function, Salman Siddiqui and Dr. Rukhsana Saba presented their notes on the creative characters in Rahman Nishat’s novels and expressed their thoughtful views on this occasion. Later, Rahman Nishat thanked and showed his gratitude towards Muhammad Shah to organize the marvellous ceremony at Arts of Council of Pakistan Karachi. He also presented one of his navels, written on the recent circumstances of the country, named as “Akhri Gaali”. Rahman Nishat is a well-known writer in the world of Urdu novels and before, three of his navels have come to the scene, including the fourth novel addition “Paniyon Main Ghulti Zameen”, he has written 61 fictions up till now.

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