Call to enforce Urdu as national language

KARACHI: Chairperson Tehreek Nifaze Urdu Pakistan Dr Syed Mubin Akhtar on Wednesday said promoting Urdu and other regional languages is must for development and prosperity of the country as no nation or state could progress by ignoring its national language.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club in connection with the International Mother Language Day to be observed on 21st February.

He said international experts believed that no creativity could be developed among those children who get education in other languages rather than mother languages. He said Urdu is being treated like language of less privileged people in the country, while we feel pride talking in English as compared the mother language.

Mubin Akhtar said enforcement of Urdu as national language is imperative for progress of the country, so the article 251 of the Constitution must be implemented in letter and spirit.

He said, “We had forgotten a quote of the father of the nation, QuaideAzam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, that ‘Urdu is the national language of the country and provinces should promote their languages’.”

He stressed the impotence of uniform policy for enforcement of Urdu as official language of the country in all the institutions, especially in education. He lamented that difference of Urdu and English medium schools had further divided the nation.

Mubin presented the example of China, Japan and other European countries which had adopted their own languages rather than English in all sectors.

He said the rulers had violated the Pakistani Constitution and failed to make Urdu as the national language within the span of 15 years.

He demanded of the government to declare Urdu and other provincial languages as official for all government examinations.

He also asked Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to play his role for enforcement of Urdu as national.

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