CCTV to be installed at all hydrants to monitor water distribution

Karachi: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board has decided to install secret cameras at all the hydrants operating under its administration to monitor the water distribution and make the process transparent.

Moreover, the water distribution system through the tankers would also be computerized.

Managing Director, KWSB issuing the directives in this regard has said that the secret cameras would record the number plates of tankers, timings of their arrival and departure along with dates.

He said this system would bring an end to any kind of irregularity and help generate revenue of KWSB. He asked the Chief Engineer and other officials of KWSB to ensure that no booster or any other system is used at the hydrants that could affect the water supply to the citizens.

Meanwhile, the MD conducted surprise visits to the hydrants located at SITE and Sakhi Hassan and other areas to see if his directives are being implemented. He directed to make entries into register of all the tankers coming and leaving from the hydrants and all the hydrants should work within specified time. “The official hydrants will operate for only eight hours and no booster will be allowed to use as it affects the schedule of water supply to other areas.

He said KWSB has stopped complementary water tanker service to increase the revenue.

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