CDA urged to ensure proper dumping, upkeep of water filtration plants in Capital

Islamabad: Federal Climate Change Minister, Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan has expressed his strong resentment over poor maintenance of the public drinking water filtration plants in the city installed by the Capital Development Authority CDA.

He told them to take allout measures to improve oversight and maintenance of these filtration plants as these are blessing for thousands of the residents in the city, particularly hot summer days when most of the city faces severe shortages.

Talking at the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change, the minister also said that most of the city still drinks contaminated water and lack adequate safe sanitation facilities, which is key role of the CDA.

The meeting was held here today at the Committee Room of the Ministry of Climate Change, with Senator Dr. Saeeda Iqbal as its Chair. She also slammed CDA’s poor performance regarding establishment of environment friendly dumping sites. Absence of which in adequate quantity, garbage handling has emerged to be a major environmental and health problem in the city.

“It is matter of sorry that despite passage of decades, not only Islamabad but also other parts of the country we do not have model dumping sites, which shows apathy of the relevant government authorities towards such a serious health and environmental issue,” Dr. Saeed Iqbal said.

She asked the representatives of CDA at the Committee meeting to ensure provision of clean drinking water, safe sanitation facilities at all public hospitals in Islamabad and its vicinity.

Dr. Iqbal advised the CDA representatives to collaborate with education department to educate and sensitise public through mass awareness programmes about importance of observance of cleanliness and safe sanitation as key to healthy life. But, Dr Saeeda Iqbal said that slum areas are totally being \ ignored as far as clean water, safe sanitation facilities are concerned and
urged the CDA’s Sanaullah Aman to ensure through his department that slump areas have also unhampered access to basic life amenities.

Earlier, Secretary of the Climate Change Ministry, Syed Muhammad Ali Gardezi, also briefed the chairman and members of the Senate body on Climate Change about Ministry’s role in phasing out use of plastic bags and their replacement with biodegradable bags.

“He told the Committee that law has already been passed in this regard and that will be enforced from April 1, under which manufacturing, sale and use of plastic bags will be completely banned,” he said.

Provincial governments are also being consulted to extend that ban to other parts of the country, so that the country gets rid of this environmental problem, the secretary said. Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai, Senator Baz Muhammad Khan also spoke on this occasion.

The meeting was also attended by the representatives of National Disaster Management Authority, who briefed the Senate Committee abut post flood rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes being taken in floodhit parts of the country.

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