Challenges confronting the region demand unity, CM

Peshawar: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has said that challenges confronting the region demand the Pakhtun nation to unite under the Red Flag where lies survival of the nation and secure future. He said that people fully trust ANP for their better future and the inclusion of political workers into
ANP was the testimony of it.

He said that Bezai Irrigation scheme would bring agriculture revolution. He was addressing an inclusion ceremony at Peshawar on Tuesday. ANP President PK23 Haji Shah Nawaz Khan chaired the gathering. General Secretary Latifur Rehman also addressed the gathering.

The CM welcomed new party workers and said that sincere and active workers were the basic source of promoting programs of political parties.

He said that the present government has realized its political and election manifesto during its tenure despite untoward circumstances and milestones of development and construction that have no match during the past six decades.

He said that the people were proud of sacrifices of red flag added; ANP leaders, office bearers and workers have rendered the most lives sacrifices for national survival and peace.

He said that serving the people in real sense after achieving the right of people representative was a great success and good luck. He said that democracy and elections were interrelated but better dispensation of people representation was more important to him than 10 times success in election.

He said that we don’t claim resolving entire problems of people of Mardan, however, development progress in connection with joint welfare has removed 60 years deprivation of Mardan and modern travel facilities and higher and professional education facilities were available to its people.

He said that overhead bridges will be constructed at five different locations in Mardan while 70% work on Ring Road has been completed and with the completion of remaining 30% work, Mardan city will come in circle that will improve travel facilities and increase trade and economic activities in the region.

He said that he would soon launch mega project, Baizai Irrigation scheme that will help irrigate 25000 acres barren land in the area and will increase agriculture production and pleasant change in economic status of peasants.

He said that 85% work of gas provision has been completed and the remaining will soon be accomplished. He announced reconstruction of Kalpani flood affected Marghat School and wall of graveyard.

He said that noble cause of serving mosques in Mardan will be completed and God has bestowed the honour to this govt. He said that govt funds will be utilized for repair and reconstruction of mosques. He said that previous govt deprived from this noble cause.

He thanked ulema and local notables on cooperation beyond politics. The CM offered party red caps to new party workers. They expressed full confidence on CM Amir Haider Khan Hoti.

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