Charge-sheet narrates horrific detail of Kathua victim girl

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Charge-sheet narrates horrific detail of Kathua victim girl

April 11, 2018

Srinagar, April 11, 2018 (PPI-OT): In occupied Kashmir, the investigation by the Crime Branch of Kashmir police has revealed that former revenue official and custodian of Kathua’s Devisthan temple, Sanji Ram, had separately tasked his nephew and an Indian policeman with kidnapping 8-year-old Aasifa, administering her sedatives, and confining her in Devisthan temple. The investigation says that the conspiracy was hatched days before the little girl was raped and found murdered.

The Crime Branch’s special investigation team took over the case a week after Aasifa’s body was found on January 17, seven days after she went missing. It was Sanji’s nephew who kidnapped her. “He told Aasifa that he had seen her horses. He led her to the jungle and called there Mannu, another accused, who was already waiting for his signal,” the charge-sheet filed by the Crime Branch reads.

“Sensing some trouble, the victim tried to flee away. Sanji’s nephew stopped her by catching hold of her neck and covered her mouth with one of his hands and pushed her and she fell on the ground. Mannu held her legs and administered sedatives one by one forcibly to the victim,” the charge-sheet adds.

It says after the girl fell unconscious, she was raped and later taken inside the temple (Devisthan). Later on, they took the girl and kept her inside Devisthan under the table over two plastic mats and then covered her with two dares – cotton thread mats, it added.

“Next day, Special Police Officer Deepak came near the house of Sanji Ram, took keys and left for the temple. He reached Devisthan, opened the lock and took out a strip of sedatives containing ten (10) tablets and put two tablets in her mouth, the charge-sheet says. On the morning of January 12, it adds, Sanji’s son went to Devisthan and administered 3 sedative tablets to the girl while she was unconscious with empty stomach.

After the family lodged a missing complaint with the police, the search for the girl began with the culprit SPO Deepak Khajuria part of it. Investigations by the Crime Branch revealed that Khajuria advised Sanji’s son to give sedatives to the victim on time.

“Accused Sanji Ram had already taken the accused police officials into confidence and settled the deal with them to take care of the things which would ensue in the process of the conspired plan… In pursuance of the settled deal, accused head-constable Tilak Raj, who was also accompanying the search party, took accused Sanji Ram to cowshed and reiterated that necessary payments have to be made to the investigating officer of the case, that is, accused sub-inspector Anand Dutta in order to save him and other accused from the clutches of law and also not to conduct further searches,” the charge-sheet maintains.

On the morning of January 13, the charge-sheet says, the accused Vishal Jangotra raped Aasifa. “She was again administered 3 tablets. On the evening, Sanji was told by his nephew that he and Vishal had gang-raped Aasifa inside Devisthan temple. He told them that ‘the time was ripe to kill the girl’,” it further says. Deepak Khajuria also reached on the spot and raped the girl before she was killed, the charge-sheet says. As such, once again the little girl Aasifa was gang-raped firstly by Deepak Khajuria, it adds.

“After committing the barbaric act of rape on the minor victim, the accused Deepak Khajuria kept her neck on his left thigh and started applying force with his hands on her neck in order to kill her,” the charge-sheet says. “She was killed after being pressed with knees against her back and strangulated with her stole. In order to make sure that the victim was dead, her head was hit twice with stone,” it adds.

“As per the plan, the body was to be disposed of in a canal at Hira Nagar, which, however, could not materialise because the vehicle was not available. The medical opinion also established the fact that the victim had been kept without food and administered sedatives and her cause of death was Asphyxia leading to cardio-pulmonary arrest,” the charge-sheet says.

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