City: Power shutdown due to maintenance work

Islamabad: According to IESCO Spokesman, Due to electricity maintenance/development work the Power supply of the following Feeders/Grid Stations would remain suspended as under:

On Monday 18 February form morning 09am to 03pm, New Exchange feeder, Mix Industries e.g. Noor Flour Mill and others. Sarwar Flour Mill, M. Tech Allum. Usman Ice Factory etc. Morning 09am to 02pm, Fazal Re-Bar feeder, Fazal-e-Rebar (Independent).

On Tuesday 19 February, Morning 09am to 03pm, PTV-2 feeder, PTV-2 (Independent), Morning 09-30am to 01-30pm, Kallar Syedan feeder, Redco feeder, Sagri feeder, Chowk Pindori feeder, SUPRCO, PAECHS, Chowk Pindori, Rawat, Shahbagh, Sagri, CWO & REDCO.

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