City: Twin cities in grip of severe cold

Islamabad: The Twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad was in the grip of severe cold wave. The current severe cold wave continuing in different parts of the country has broken record of last fifty years.

According to met office that maximum temperature of the day has dropped in various cities, in plain areas by six to eight degrees due to dense fog as compared to the one recorded fifty years ago.

In Southern Punjab‚ maximum temperature usually remains in the range of twenty to twenty one Celsius in the month of January which has dropped now to twelve to fourteen Celsius, he added.

The temperature in Murree was higher than Faisalabad‚ Bahawalnagar‚ Mianwali‚ and Sialkot‚ which is a unique weather phenomenon. In Potohar region‚ maximum temperature has fallen to fourteen from the normal eighteen Celsius, he added.

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