Civil society condemn killing of Hazara community

Islamabad: The representatives of Insani Huqooq Ittehad Network, Hazara for Humanity, EVAWG alliance, Women’s Action Forum and Hazara Youth Group condemned the recent incident of Hazara community killing in Quetta.

They were stated while addressing a press conformance on Thursday at National Press Club NPC. The representatives of different organizations including Dr. Rakhshanda, Sajjad Changezi and others were also present.

They said that as we already know, the mentioned incident can be characterized as a blatant attempt of open genocide and ethnic cleansing of Pakistani Shias in general and Hazara’s in particular.

They said that the civil society feels that the silence and ineffectiveness of these governmental institutions at this alarming situation is their criminal negligence.

They said the protection of the life and liberty of the citizens is among the basic responsibilities of the state. In the past three decades, the security establishment has failed to fulfil its responsibility in this regard, they added.

They said that in conclusion, based on the overall situation in Pakistan and Balochistan in particular while demanding a true democratic system which cherishes the values of peace, harmony and tolerance.

They also demanded to stop the genocide of the people of Hazara, their adequate protection, to immediately pay compensations and the legal heirs to the families of the deceased, for best possible treatment for the injured and the initiation of specific and effective operations targeting banned extremist and terrorist organizations in order to protect the Hazara community in particular.

They said that the civil society rejects military intervention in Balochistan and wants the civil administration to play an effective role to ensure the writ of the state and public tranquillity.

They said that the civil society also demanded that all political parties join hands in order to devise a consensual policy on this issue while leaving aside any political differences. If this is not done on an immediate basis, it will prove to be harmful for the national security of Pakistan, they added.

After the press conference, the representatives and activists of different organizations have gathered outside of the National Press Club and held a protest. They also were chanting slogans in against the killing of Hazara community in Quetta.

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