Conspiracies being hatched to delay election, Fazal

Peshawar: Jamait UlemaeIslamFazl JUIF Chief Maulana Fazal Rahman on Wednesday observed the certain forces are out to delay elections, and for this purpose situation in Quetta, Karachi and other parts of the country is being spoiled.

Maulana Fazal said that people would have to stand up against the conspirators to foil their evil designs, as smooth transaction of power is vital for democracy.

Speaking to media here at the provincial headquarters of the party at Ring Road, Maulana said election will be held on time and people will protect democracy.

“Blockade of Islamabad, killing of hundreds of people in Quetta, target killing in Karachi are the bids designed to postpone the election, however all these designs have been failed and people will go for election to hold the rulers accountable,” he remarked while welcoming the joining of MNA from Kurram Agency Munir Khan Aurakzai, who formally announced to join JUIF.

Regarding talks with Afghan Taliban in Qatar, Maulana said there was no contact between him and Afghan Taliban and as such there was no meeting on the agenda, therefore failure of talks between them was totally out question. “I was on a private tour to Qatar but media should answer this question as Taliban and I even did not make a single contact during such tour,” he explained.

Regarding becoming guarantor for the Pakistani Taliban, Maulana said that Pakistani Taliban even did not formally contact him for such a job and the news come to him through media. “But still this the opportunity for peace and government should avail this opportunity to solve the problem,” he said.

Replying a question, JUI chief said that he had directed Baluchistan chapter of his party to contact Hazara community in Quetta and offer them that JUI will be with them to search as to who was behind the attacks and who were the real culprits want to create sectarian strife.

On this occasion Munir Aurakzai said that he on demand of the people of his constituency decided to join JUI. “I have put no condition for becoming part of JUI. From today I am part of JUI team and work for the party’s manifesto and political goals,” he added.

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