Court: SC summons Balochistan’s Home Secretary, FC Commandant and CCPO in Quetta carnage

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday summoned for today Thursday the Home Secretary, Frontier Corps FC Commandant and Chief City Police Officer of Balochistan along with their replies on the Quetta carnage.

A threemember bench consisting on Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed while hearing the suo motu case pertaining to unabated killings of the Shia Hazara community in Quetta, exempted the Interior and Defense secretaries from their personal appearance before it today Thursday.

The court also summoned the report on previous carnage of Hazara community occurred on January 10. The court directed the Home Secretary, FC Commandant and CCPO to come to the court after examining the report of Interior and Defense sectaries on the Quetta bombings. The court asked the President and the Prime Minister to file their replies by today Thursday through
Cabinet Secretary about the steps so far taken to provide security to the Hazara community.

Commander Shahbaz, a representative of Inter Services Intelligence ISI told the court that the agency had informed the concerned authorities about possible attacks in Quetta. The chief justice noted that about 30 to 40 percent information about the attacks was provided to the concerned authorities but they did nothing.

The court rejected the ISI’s report on the Quetta carnage, terming it dissatisfactory and directed the Defense Secretary to resubmit it. During the hearing, the chief justice noted that ISI’s report did not have the answers of the questions asked by the court.

He said the report contained that substance which already had published in newspapers. In its report the ISI accused the government of not devising any anti terrorism plan. The chief justice said the court had asked that why these agencies had been failed to prevent incidents of terrorism.

He said today the situation is that… the sitin ends and restarts. He said it was the prime responsibility of the government to control this situation. He said today too the whole country was paralyzed. Business of life was suspended.

Justice Khilji Arif Hussain noted that explosives is transported from Lahore to Quetta and questioned that what the agencies and police were doing. He said it was dangerous that the civilian government had failed to overcome and prevent such incidents. He said today people were demanding for calling of army.

The court said that since the Attorney General Irfan Qadir was not answering the questions asked by the court, thus it court now would have to summon the Prime Minister to answers these questions. The court also asked the Advocate General Balochistan Amanullah Kinrani that whether there was no coordination among the agencies.

When the hearing started, the court expressed severe dismay on the absence of AttorneyGeneral, Advocate General Balochistan and Interior and Defense secretaries. Later Defense secretary Lt Gen r Asif Yasin presented ISI’s report on Quetta carnage.

To a court query, he said the Military Intelligence MI does not play any role in this matter. He said if MI gets any such information, it gives it to the ISI. He told the court that ISI conducted 130 operations against terrorism. The chief justice however said that the court was not asking about previous operations. He asked the Defense Secretary whether there was any information about the recent carnage. The defense secretary said that there was no such information. He said agencies cannot keep an eye every time on everyone.

He said the civil administration was responsible of the Quetta incident. He said the function of intelligence agencies subordinated to the Defense Ministry was just exchange of information. He said the civil administration had the authority to take action against the acts of terrorism, whereas the intelligence agencies could not do so. Meanwhile, the court adjourned the hearing for today Thursday.

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