Demand to reopen SEF schools

Johi, Sindh: A meeting of school operators demanded of the government to reopen 1500 schools of Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in 23 districts of Sindh province.

The meeting was held at Bhan Saeedabad attended by Manzoor Mahesar, Manzoor Jamali, Ishaq Chandio, Riaz Jhatiyal and others. They noted with concern that 0.25million children and 8000 teachers were affected due to closure of 1500 schools of SEF in the province.

They said the SEF had opened these schools in 2009; however, their funds were stopped 7 months back and later the schools were closed. They appealed the government to revise the decision of closure of these schools. They warned that if the schools were not reopened the teachers would hold a rally on February 6, 2013.

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