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Deputy PM calls for improving regulatory framework for medical education in country

Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar says regulatory framework for medical education in the country must be improved to make it at par with international standards.

He was chairing first meeting of the ‘Committee on Medical Education’ in Islamabad today.

The Deputy Prime Minister underlined the need to establish coordination mechanism between medical institutions and the public and private sector to ensure uniform high-quality education in all provinces.

The Committee conducted comprehensive review of medical education system in the country including fee structures and identified key areas for improvement and aligning medical education with international standards.

It focused on devising a plan to solve the issues faced by Pakistani medical students studying abroad.

The meeting decided to constitute a sub-executive committee to review the existing TORs, synergize the regulatory bodies, streamline procedures for foreign students in Pakistan and uniformity in curricula.

The sub-Committee will prepare its repo
rt with the objective to ensure that medical graduates in Pakistan are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to meet contemporary healthcare challenges.

The ‘Committee on Medical Education’ was constituted by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on May 20 with the Deputy Prime Minister as its convener.

It aims at reforms in medical education, improving healthcare standards and ensuring the highest quality of medical training for future generations of healthcare professionals.

Key stakeholders from the medical community, education sector, and government officials are members of the committee.

Source: Radio Pakistan