ECP notifies non-Muslim special seats in National Assembly

The Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a notification allocating non-Muslim special seats to various political parties in proportion to the seats won by each party in the National Assembly elections.

According to the notification, out of a total of 10 minority seats, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz clinched 4 Non-Muslim seats, while the Pakistan People’s Party secured 2 seats, and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement obtained 1 seat, making a total of 7 seats distributed among the parties.

PML-N’s non-Muslim members in the National Assembly include Kesoo Mal Kheal Das, Darshan, Nelson Azeem, and Isphanyar M Bhandara. For the PPP, Ramesh Lal and Naveed Aamir won non-Muslim seats in the NA. Mohan Manjaini secured a seat in the NA as an MQM nominee.

Source: Radio Pakistan