Experts to discuss environmental degradation issues

KARACHI: The Zonal Chairman, Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association PRGMEA, Shaikh Mohammad Shafiq, has strongly criticised FBR for extending sales tax withholding regime through its notification SRO 98172013, dated 14022013 according to which all companies including exporters will be subjected to withholding tax at one fifth of the applicable rate of sales tax on all purchases.

In a statement on Thursday, Shafiq said that this move is purely a revenue generation measure meant to bolster the numbers of incompetent FBR. “This measure will further fuel inflation in the country and the direct burden would be on domestic consumers and international buyers of Pakistan textile and garment industry.”

He said through this measure raw material would become more expensive for companies which would mean higher prices for consumers which are already suffering heavily due to runaway inflation. This also means that Pakistani value added garments would be become more expensive and would no longer be able to compete with our competitors like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

He said that we are already facing multiple problems such as strikes, law and order situation and foreign buyers have stopped coming to Pakistan, this additional burden will mean that we will have no other choice but to close down our businesses and move our capital abroad.

Shafiq called for an urgent SOS to FPCCI and other associations in the value added sector in order to force the government to roll back this anti-business measure.

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