FAFEN hold Stakeholders Briefing

ISLAMABAD: The Free and Fair Election Network FAFEN held a Stakeholders Briefing here on Thursday on the scope and methodology of FAFEN’s long-term observation of the Pakistan General Elections 2013.

Representatives of the different political parties, media and civil society were also participated in the stakeholders briefing.

Speaking on the occasion Sarwar Bari Trustee of FAFEN, said that the objective of FAFEN’s long-term election observation is to facilitate all electoral stakeholders’ particularly political parties and voters by providing timely, unbiased and accurate information that enables them to seek stricter enforcement of electoral rules, regulations and procedures.

He said that more than 300 long-term FAFEN observers will monitor all phases of elections before, on, and after Election Day. FAFEN’s 10month observation process, beginning on February 1, 2013, will help keep all election stakeholders informed of developments that are relevant to the fairness and transparency of every stage of the election process.

Sarwar Bari said that the FAFEN will train more than 43,000 citizens for observation of all polling stations across the country on Election Day.

Rashid Chaudhary Director of Programs at FAFEN also briefed to the participants of the stakeholders briefing.

On the occasion the representatives of the different political parties, media and civil society were also speaking and appreciated the efforts of FAEEN.

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