Fazlur Rehman Shaikhul Hind conference

KILLA ABDULLAH: Constitution of Pakistan is a national charter under which country can be kept united. Without it keeping country intact is impossible. Those in whose hands system of country is for 65 years are heirs of foreigners who have made the country insecure and security state. From Bajaur to Karachi country is in grip of arson.

This was stated by Amir Jamiat Ulemae Islam and Chairman Kashmir Committee of National Assembly Maulana Fazlur Rehman while addressing Shaikhul Hind conference organised by JUI at Tehsil Gulistan of District Killa Abdullah Thursday.

Provincial Amir and Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, MNA Haji Rozuddin Kakar and others also spoke.

A tribal elder Chief of Ghaibezai Shakoor Khan Ghaibezai, and several others also announced to join the party.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman said only such nation is successful whose Ulema and tribal elders jointly struggle for progress and peace in the area. He said people of Killa Abdullah are fortunate because Chief of the area is joining Ulema.

He said owing to wrong policies of rulers not only there is law and order problem in District Killa Abdullah but blood of people from Bajaur to Karachi was shed in the name of terrorism and sectarianism. He said so far around 50 thousand people have been killed. As against this when two to five thousand people are killed in Iraq and Libya international organizations champions of human rights relieve rulers there in the on the pretext of cruel system. But here in Pakistan after killing of fifty thousand people America is taking no notice.

He said Shaikhul Hind is the name of personality who waged struggle against Foreigners and cruel system. We are fighting against America if not against foreigners in his name proudly. He said JUI is the only power which was raising America Murdabad slogan. We challenge forces to do politics against by raising slogan of America Murdabad.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman said JUI has decided there will be America Murdabad slogan and not American Zindabad.

He said owing to rulers wrong decision brother is pitched against brother and drama was being staged by deteriorating the situation.

We want to make it clear Maulana said the way our leaders struggled foreigners and made them flee, we would also not wallow any conspiracy to be successful on our soil. He said this country got liberty in the name of Islam. Constitution of the country is Islamic but for the forty years people waited for Islamic order but rulers did not enforce it nor provided security to the people under the constitution. This forced youth to secure their rights by picking up guns. If they are criminals in the minds of rulers, then forces which secured power in the name of Islam did not dispensed justice to neither people nor Islamic order they also fall in the category of criminals.

Fazlur Rehman said JUI does not believe in enforcement of Shariah by guns but we are saying form beginning dialogues are solution to all problems. So give up way of guns and come to politics.

He said had there not been JUI there would have no talk of religion in the constitution rather there would have been secure system. It is because Jamiat always struggled within and outside Parliament for strengthening constitution, security of the country and Islamic order.

Amir JUI was of the view foreign forces do not want country’s economy is improved. He said Reko Diq is the largest reservoir of Gold in the world which was identified by our experts in 1978. But our rulers at the behest of foreign forces did not make is successful. He said besides there are coal reserves in Balochistan and southern Punjab. If we utilize Reko Diq and natural
resources in the country Pakistan can become richest country in the world.

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